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The Library’s 2016/2017 Budget

Results of May 17, 2016, Election:

  • Budget: Guilderland voters approved the Library’s 2016/2017 Budget with 1,429 YES votes (69%) to 639 No votes (31%).  Total votes cast: 2,068.
  • Trustee Election: Two seats on the Board were up for election. The one declared candidate, incumbent Bryan Best, was reelected with 1,583 votes. The other seat will be filled by a write-in candidate; results of this write-in vote will be posted shortly.

Board of Trustees’ Budget Message:

The Library’s Board of Trustees has approved a 2016/2017 operating budget of $3,666,832, just $39,631 over the 2015/2016 budget. This is based upon a tax-levy of $3,598,332, an increase of 1.78% – well under the mandated tax cap – over last year’s levy. Details of the budget are available here.

Our primary goals are to maintain the level of service you expect and to keep the building in good repair. Our continuing challenge is the aging physical plant. We have devoted increased funds to Properties (Capital Improvements, etc.) by reallocating funds from Physical Plant operations. Over the past year, we have significantly reduced the amount of money needed to run the building – the Physical Plant line – through negotiating reduced prices for building services and installing energy-efficient lighting throughout the library. The lighting was paid for through grants from Assemblyperson Patricia Fahy and National Grid.

We anticipate two major maintenance projects in the budget: repair of the unsafe loading dock, and replacement of the roof. Budgeted monies will pay for both, and the roof’s cost will be offset by a grant from Senator George A. Amedore, Jr. We expect to realize savings through a construction collaboration with the Guilderland Central School District.To further the library’s financial health, we have placed operating funds in interest-bearing accounts.

In response to the increasing popularity and demand for outreach and youth services, and thanks in large part to the savings outlined above, we have effectively added one children’s librarian to the staff. One needs only to walk through the youth area and witness the packed Storytimes and children and parents active in the children’s area to recognize the benefit of ensuring our youngest readers have the assistance they need.

We, your elected representatives, propose this budget and urge you to vote on May 17 at your local elementary school.

Respectfully submitted,
Christopher Aldrich President
Daniel Centi Vice President
Bryan Best Secretary
David Bosworth, Jr.
Karen Carpenter-Palumbo
Robert H. Feller
Barbara Fraterrigo
Herbert W. Hennings
Peter Hubbard
Judith Kahn
Carolyn Williams

Tim Wiles Library Director

May 17, 2016