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The Library’s Proposed 2017/2018 Budget

Board of Trustees’ Budget Message:

The Library’s Board of Trustees has approved a 2017/2018 operating budget of $4,038,583. This is based upon a tax-levy of $3,689,217. Details of the budget are available here.

Proposed 2017/2018 Budget

Click the image above to view details of the Library’s Proposed 2017/2018 Budget.

As always, our primary goal is to maintain the level of service you expect while keeping the physical plant in good repair. And it is this latter challenge that this budget addresses. While efficiencies in operations and staffing result in level or minor increases in expenditures, it’s the building itself where we have to direct resources. We have devoted increased funds to Properties (Capital Improvements, etc.) by reallocating funds from Physical Plant operations. As we have done for the past two years, we have reduced the amount of money needed to run the building – the Physical Plant line – through negotiating reduced prices for building services and the installation of high-efficiency lighting.

Three major projects were completed last year: repair of the unsafe loading dock, replacement of the roof, and installation of the above-mentioned lighting. But as with any quarter-century old building, additional work is needed. Anticipated Gifts and Grants for 2017/2018 total more than $282,000; this grant money will help pay for replacing major components of the decades-old, inefficient HVAC system.

As for the increase in Professional Services, the interior design of the library is a period-piece dating back over two decades. Staff has done what it can to arrange the interior for maximum customer convenience, but assuring the interior can meet the community’s needs for the next 25 years is going to take some expert help. The Board has hired the firm of Butler, Rowland & Mays to evaluate the interior layout, and develop a long-range plan that will meet this service goal.

That’s our goal with this budget. To give you the service you expect now, and in the future.

We, your elected representatives, propose this budget and urge you to vote on May 16 at your local elementary school.

Respectfully submitted,
Daniel Centi, President
Bryan Best, Vice President
Judith Kahn, Secretary
Christopher Aldrich
David Bosworth, Jr.
Barbara Fraterrigo
Herbert W. Hennings
Peter Hubbard
Karen Carpenter Palumbo
Carolyn Williams
Jason Wright
Carroll Valachovic, Board-Appointed Treasurer

Tim Wiles Library Director

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April 26, 2017