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Consumer Health Services

We have a librarian on staff who is a Consumer Health Information Specialist, certified by the Medical Library Association. She can provide customized health reference service for your medical questions/concerns, using her expertise to search print and electronic resources as well as specialized databases.

Please note: The information provided is not to be interpreted as medical or professional advice. All health information should be reviewed with your physician or other health care professional.

If you have a question you’d like to ask the Consumer Health Librarian, stop by the Reference Desk and ask for Maria Buhl, or email her at

“File of Life” Medical Forms Free at the Library!

Our neighbors at the Western Turnpike Rescue Squad want to help keep you safe and healthy. To that end, we’re distributing – for free – the Squad’s “File of Life” card, a handy medical information form that stores in its own magnetic, plastic sleeve. Record details about your medications, emergency contacts, allergies and insurance information, slide the form into the sleeve and put it at eye level on the fridge. In case of a medical emergency at your home, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) will have immediate, accurate, and potentially life-saving information about your medical history. Keep a copy in your purse or briefcase to take to the doctor or hospital in an emergency.

To get a “File of Life” card, just ask for one at Adult Reference. For more information, call Drew Chesney, Community Outreach Organizer for the Western Turnpike Rescue Squad, at 456-3600 x 14.

Updated: July 26, 2012